Enhancing Manufacturing Excellence through Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer surveys serve as a compass, to ensure we are meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

In the dynamic realm of manufacturing, the customer’s voice resonates profoundly. Altek believes in conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys and uses this information to guide our continuous improvement and innovation plans. These surveys serve as a compass, to ensure we are meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction surveys offer an invaluable opportunity to glean direct insights into customer preferences, concerns, and overall satisfaction with our products and services. In the manufacturing landscape, this translates to refining product quality, streamlining processes, and enhancing service delivery. Moreover, this process demonstrates a commitment to customer-centricity, fostering stronger relationships and brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

Well, the results are in. We are thankful for the positive feedback we received. Our commitment to continuous improvement shines through, and the overwhelming response from our customers participating in the survey underscores their engagement and satisfaction.

As we channel our efforts towards those areas identified for enhancement, we are fueled by the invaluable insights shared by our customers. Together, we embark on a journey to exceed expectations, ensuring that our products and services reflect the high standards our customers deserve.

Thank you to everyone who participated — your feedback is the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence!

Strategic PCB Design: Unveiling the Power of Conducting Manufacturability Analysis

When designing the layout of your product’s electronic circuit board, proper component placement is of paramount importance. Whether your company invests in DFM software or collaborates with a Contract Manufacturer (CM) that provides this service, adhering to best practices in board layout during the design phase is essential. In this write-up, we’ll explore how DFM and optimal component placement play a crucial role in mitigating PCB issues, reducing manufacturing costs, and enhancing the long-term success of your product.

Mitigating PCB Issues:

Less than ideal component placement can lead to a host of PCB and assembly issues, such as overheating, electrical shorts, signal interference and assembly defects. These unexpected problems during manufacturing can result in production delays and increased expenses. However, by conducting DFM analysis in the pre-production phase, you can uncover and address these design issues proactively, protecting the quality and reliability of your finished product. Investing in DFM analysis may incur an initial cost, but the benefits of avoiding production issues far outweigh the expense of the review.

Reducing Manufacturing Costs:

Suboptimal component placement can create unnecessary assembly manufacturing challenges, leading to increased labor costs and production delays. By considering DFM principles and ensuring proper component placement, you can streamline the manufacturing process and minimize labor-intensive tasks. This, in turn, translates into cost savings and a more efficient production cycle, benefiting your company’s bottom line.

Impact on Repair and Maintenance:

Your design choices can significantly impact the repair and maintenance processes of the product. If components are poorly placed and inaccessible during routine maintenance or repairs, it can result in longer downtime for your customers and increased costs for your company. To avoid these issues, engaging in open communication with your Contract Manufacturer is crucial. Discussing considerations like component accessibility during the design phase ensures that your product is not only well-designed but also easy to service, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Strategic Decision for Long-Term Success:

Investing time and effort into proper component placement and DFM analysis during the design phase is a strategic decision that yields significant benefits in the long run. By proactively addressing potential issues, you can avoid production delays, reduce manufacturing costs, and enhance the overall reliability of your product. Partnering with a reliable Contract Manufacturer and engaging in thorough DFM analysis provides valuable insights that lead to a high-quality electronic circuit board, meeting performance expectations and surpassing customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, optimizing component placement through DFM analysis is vital for the success of your product. By uncovering and addressing design issues early on, you can avoid PCB problems, reduce manufacturing costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. Collaborating with a Contract Manufacturer that emphasizes DFM principles allows you to leverage their expertise and streamline the production process. A well-designed PCB not only ensures seamless production but also contributes to the long-term success of your product in the marketplace, solidifying your position as a reliable and innovative industry player.

Conducting a Satisfaction Survey during a Pandemic?

The results provided valuable information for our PCBA and Electromechanical Assembly Company.

You might say it was Crazy… but the results were so meaningful. Customer feedback is always important for a company to continuously improve, but how our team performs during less than optimum world conditions is a good test of our company, process controls and employees. We found that our on-time and quality acceptance rates have remained steady and our customer satisfaction excellent.

“We value Altek very much as a supplier and partner and appreciate Altek’s willingness to work with us through any challenges that arise.”

(For additional customer comments see the list at the bottom of this post.)


As an employee here at Altek I see what we do here every day and it’s amazing. I work in marketing, so I won’t attempt to take credit for any of the great work done here. However, I do love talking about it. The amount of energy and planning that goes into meeting the customer’s needs is impressive. Our founder, Stephen Altschuler says,”The Customer is King”, and at Altek, they are.

The engineering department may be participating in the design of a new product, providing DFM support or creating custom solutions for obsolete components.

Our staff members in estimating, document control and purchasing make sure your product can be produced in the required time and at the right cost. They identify obsolete parts, BOM inconsistencies, last time buys and quantities that will have a positive impact on your unit cost.

Altek’s Process and Production Engineers work together to create a “digital traveler” profile for your products in the manufacturing process. This ensures your product is built correctly the first time and every time thereafter. Our Director of Continuous Improvement works right alongside them to take waste out of the process and keep costs low.

The manufacturing staff with extensive on hands training and eagle eyes oversee the product build. There are hands on every day overseeing each operation, performing inspection and testing of your product prior to shipment.

And last but certainly not least is Customer Service. They are the team that keep our customers informed, and they monitor your product every step of the way. They make sure your customer experience is positive and the process runs smoothly.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the management team at Altek for its guidance, instilling individual ownership and an openness for creative thinking.

Altek is a finely tuned team that takes pride in their work and a job well done.

Here is what our customers are saying about Altek…

“We value Altek very much as a supplier and partner and appreciate Altek’s willingness to work with us through any challenges that arise.”

“Continue your attention to detail. Altek is above the Bar!! Never a bad question… only the one not asked.”

“Altek is very responsive to customer needs and provides excellent service.”

“I appreciate everything your team does for us!! Thank you!!”

“One of the easiest companies to deal with overall. Keep doing what you’re are doing, you make doing business a pleasure.”

“Thanks for the great service, esp. in these difficult times.”

“Thanks to Laura Brown, Christine Almeida and Michelle Cunha for all their help.”

“Responses are excellent from support/customer service. Altek team does a great job. Appreciate all the support during these times, especially for high priority requirements when we need to support our customers and production needs.”

“Altek has met or beat some expedited deliveries. There have been a few quality issues, but they have been addressed immediately. Mistakes will be made but it’s all about the fix/recovery. Altek team has been very responsive.”

Great team of people work at Altek, always going above and beyond what is expected. Thank you so much :)”

The Altek Team should be very proud of the job they do. I know that our customers appreciate it as much as we appreciate them!