Business Continuity

The management team at Altek Electronics, Inc. has taken what we consider to be reasonable steps to ensure that we mitigate the impact to our customers in the event of a business disruption.

Business Continuity Team

We use a team approach at Altek to identify threats, assess risks, and plan for recovery.  The team includes members from management, facilities, HR, engineering and manufacturing.

Facilities and Equipment

Altek leases 54,000 square feet at 89 Commercial Blvd. in Torrington, CT which houses our office and manufacturing operations.  We also rent warehouse space in Torrington, CT.  To reduce the risk associated with a disaster that causes damage to our facilities and/or equipment, we have executed a reciprocal agreement with another local contract manufacturer with similar equipment and processes who will allow us to use their facilities until we recover our operations.  Altek is presently a two-shift operation.

Information Technology

Altek uses redundant data versioning to protect our data.  We back up our databases hourly, daily (in duplicate), weekly and monthly and take the hard drives off sight nightly.  We auto-backup if an employee deletes a file from our network to prevent loss of data if something is inadvertently erased.  We rotate three hard drives in order to have a backup off sight at all times.  The databases that we backup include customer documents and purchase orders, Altek’s ERP and Order Entry programs, process documentation, machine programs, and financial data.


Altek maintains an industry leading Next-Generation Firewall which continuously monitors data traffic.  Computers on our internal corporate network are protected with enterprise anti-virus software.  Internal networks are segmented to restrict data access.  Altek has met the requirements for NIST 800-171.

Continuity of Material Supply

Dual or multiple sources of supply are identified and approved for key raw materials and supplies. Additionally, for critical materials, Altek requires suppliers maintain a business continuity plan.


Altek maintains Business Interruption insurance to ensure that we have the financial resources necessary to resume operations in the event of a disaster.