Wave Soldering

Lead Free Wave Solder:

We have two RoHS compliant wave solder machines currently running in our facility. The first is a SEHO Power Wave 8440 which is ideally suited for the processing of lead-free solder alloys. It provides the highest lead-free soldering quality due to modern solder nozzle geometries and a flexible preheat area. The second machine is a state-of-the-art Vitronics Soltec Delta 5, set up to process more challenging high density/high terhmal mass RoHS assemblies.

Tin-Lead Wave Solder:

Altek currently has two wave solder machines to support the Tin-Lead process. As there is still a need for tin-lead soldering in the industry, we maintain an Electrovert Vectra Elite and an Electrovert Econo Pak+ to process the most challenging tin-lead assemblies.